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Committee of the Swedish-American of the Year 2006


Swedish-American of the Year 2006

The two Swedish district lodges of the Vasa Order of America has named Agneta Nilsson, Manhattan Beach, California to be the Swedish American of the year 2006, the 47th person to be named for this honor.

Agneta Nilsson was born in Stockholm and had a wish to come to the US early on. In the beginning of the 60’s she went there as a participant in “The Experiment in International Living”.

She became a tour guide at the UN, but wanted to see more of the big country and traveled with some friends to California. There she worked in a Scandinavian restaurant, sewed and sold bikini’s (a garment that at the time was strictly forbidden on the beach) and much, much more.

After she married the president of SAS in Los Angeles, Gunnar Nilsson, and moved there, she became interested in amber and has since many years her own company of amberproducts.

But the thing that made her famous worldwide is SWEA, The Swedish Women’s Education Association. She got the idea for it at a Christmas bazaar for Swedish friends in 1979.

Few organizations have had the rapid development of SWEA. Today there are 8200 members in 78 local chapters in 35 countries on 5 continents.

SWEA’s purpose is to promote and safeguard the Swedish language, support and promote the knowledge of Swedish culture and traditions, encourage personal and professional contacts and build a network of SWEA’s around the world.

Some examples of honors that Agneta Nilsson has received for her work are:

1995 “Swede of the world”

2 royal awards for her work with SWEA

2005 “The Great Swedish Heritage Award” by the Swedish council of America

Agneta Nilsson will travel to Sweden with our sponsor “SAS Scandinavian AB, Sweden” to be present at the Swedish-American of the year celebrations in Stockholm and Växjö, beginning on Aug 6.

The Vasa Order of America has since 1960 named a Swedish-American of the year to honor our emigrants for their work in America. The Swedish-American of the year has to have either been engaged in Swedish-American cultural exchange or have made an outstanding career in the American business or professional world.

Among previous recipients of the award are:
Dr Glenn Seaborg- Nobel prize winner chemistry 1951, Edwin Aldrin- astronaut, Signe Hasso- actress, William T Renquist, supreme court justice, and Marilyn Carlson Nelson, president of the Carlson Companies Inc.

More information about the Swedish-American of the year can be had from the chairman of the committee: Bertil Ericsson, phone: 46-457-24542 or
Catherine Bringselius Nilsson, phone: 46-470-28588

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